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For each new assignment we go through the following steps:

1. Need analysis
Together with you we identify your labor requirements. We analyze the required function and competency profiles and other issues which are important to you.
2. Matching
After having mapped your labor requirements, our system will select the most suitable candidate on our current data base as received from our partners. Following this we match your labor requirements with our available workers in order to achieve the best selection.
3. Planning
Together we draw up the planning, taking both short term and long term planning into account. We consider forecasting an essential component, so that you will also have long-term access to a steady pool of qualified workers. A proper forecast ensures, for instance, that we can timely identify whether an additional inflow of workers is necessary.
4. Contracting
We mediate between the local employer (outsourcer) and you as the customer for establishing the contract. As soon as it is known how much workers you need and in which discipline of work, we draw up a quotation. We work with fixed prices and the calculation is clear and transparent. When the quotation is accepted you will be offered an agreement. After signature of the agreement a lead time of several weeks starts running after which the workers will start working for you. Of course the planning will be taken into account. It is important to know that the workers will never start with an assignment without guidance. We take care of a short introduction regarding relevant information about the customer, location and specifications of the job. Besides that, a new start up of a job or new inflow of workers will always be accompanied by a On-Site or Account Manager. He or she is your first point of contact and also of the workers who are working on your site.
5. Safeguarding of quality
Fedukov Employment Solutions strives for the highest quality. In the partnerships we ensure the quality of the collaboration in several ways:
– Strict selection of workers on the basis of work experience, education, test phase and references
– Focus on the continued development of workers
– Clear and transparent consultation structure with the customer
– Responsible guidance of the workers
– Short communication lines
6. Legal compliance
Fedukov Employment Solutions and its partners have a thorough knowledge of national and EU regulations in the employment of employees for a client. It goes without saying that the employer/outsources has all necessary permits at all times. To obtain more certainty of payment of tax by the formal employer/outsources, we advise to conclude a G-account agreement with the tax authorities. This way the customer in the Netherlands will be indemnified from liability for a possible breach of paying wage taxes by the employer/outsourcer. Any worker will receive at least the minimum wage according to Dutch regulations. For all workers the employer/outsourcer and Fedukov is in possession of relevant documents on the basis of which the identity of a worker is determined beforehand and the relevant visa and work permits are verified. The formal employer / outsources guarantees that the social contribution payment is guaranteed in the home country. Housing and transport of the workers from their temporary home to work is organized as well. Last but not least: all workers are medically insured in their home country.
7. Invoicing
The customer will be invoiced two-weekly by the employer/outsourcer. The applicable payment term is one (1) week. Social security tax is applicable according to the tax obligations of the home country of the worker and wage taxes according to the tax obligations in the Netherlands. Payment of taxes by the employer is secured by means of a g-account. Further more the employer gives to the customer a mandate for recurrent business to business payment in order to pay a part its invoice to Fedukov directly in connection with their services delivered. The short payment term of one (1) week is applied to make sure the cash flow towards the workers will start as soon as possible after their arrival and they can see their actual income. This will lead to happy workers and high morale.

The worker is employed by the employer/outsourcer and not by Fedukov Employment Services. We take care of the selection and recruitment of the best qualified workers. After the award of a contract by the customer, the employer/outsourcer takes care that the worker is housed in the Netherlands for the duration of the contract and is brought to the work location. The worker will be guided at the start of the work and during the whole contract term in case of any questions or calamities. In all events the worker receives payment according the labor regulations of the Netherlands and the EU.


Fedukov Employment Solutions is specialized in the mediation for qualified labor in the installation and construction (building) sector. Most of the people we mediated for have a technical background and work on construction sites or for instance on shipyards.   Every day people are working as mason, electrician, concrete worker, welder, plasterer, etc.

Labor mediation

Fedukov Employment Solutions is specialized in labor mediation on a national and international scale.  We think quality is more important than nationality.  Therefore we are highly experienced with the mediation of flexible and well educated professionals. Every day highly motivated people are working for our customers. Due to our unique method of recruitment and selection by our local recruiters, the selected workers fully comply with the profile desired by the customer. Through this system the best people are being recruited for our customers.