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Fedukov Employment Solutions believes in one European labour market without borders. As enterprise in the field of international recruitment services we are continually on the lookout for new concepts in order to optimally serve the interest of our clients with regards to flex work.


‘Growth by trust and deliver’ is our strategy. Fedukov Employment Solutions is a new player on the market for international labor services. It is our goal to grow further the next years by focusing on decreasing the shortage of labor force of our customers and on strengthening the mutual trust between customers and seconded employees, in which process we will have a mediating role.


Through our contacts in Poland, Baltics, Ukraine and of course the Netherlands, we are able to realize for our customers the best money for value ratio. At the same time, by focusing on TRUST as the most important individual and corporate core value, we aim to improve the situation of labour migrants. In the interest of the common market within the EU, we intent to improve the labor shortage in the Netherlands by the labor surplus in other EU member states.

Core values

Our company has one clear core value which is trust. If there does not exist mutual trust between the various international partners, employees and customers, the chain can not work optimally. We intent to remove possible barriers, caused by not being familiar with a different ethnical background, other working methods or language. This way Fedukov Employment Solutions intents to contribute to the profitability of your organization and the successful execution of your projects.


The management of Fedukov Employment Solutions exists of Mr. Anton Sjevtsjoek. Anton is born in the Ukraine and has Dutch nationality. Anton finished law school at Tilburg University and wrote his thesis about labor migration. Previously Anton worked at the Dutch Imigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and started his own consultancy firm. Anton is assisted by a team of experts of various relevant disciplines.